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Every boy that is born in the 90’s were the little toy soldiers, which were frozen in the same position and were made from plastic. But thanks to an excellent imagination, every soldier turned into a living and battles on the carpet or sofa were truly epic and massive. If you currently very much wanted to plunge into childhood, you will certainly notice the game for Android called “Soldiers of easy victory.” This apparently ordinary Tower Defense, but at the same time well-balanced, therefore, play it a pleasure.

The gameplay and management:

In the game you are waiting 88 missions where you have to stand against waves of a wide variety of enemies. Just have 4 types of weapons, but you will be able to upgrade it anyway you like. The rules remain exactly the same: you put tower with various types of weapons, and then try to destroy all the enemies, so that they do not get to your main headquarters. One of the interesting innovations in the game is the ability to save the tower at the end of the battle (this is very important because, towers can pump only when they have gained enough experience).

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And so, you save experienced tower, and then they just need to pump for gold. This is a huge advantage in the beginning of the round, especially saved tower is cheaper than new ones. Also worth noting is that opponents can destroy your turret, throwing grenades, so do not forget to repair them, if you don’t want to lose it. To save you there are 3 cells, but for 500 stars, you can buy one extra slot. Stars are the main in-game currency that you buy improvement. For each successfully traversed the mission you get 200 stars (if no enemy was not included in the General staff). Management does is different from other games of the same genre. Hold your finger on the turret, then put it on the box, in which you can install the tower. To open the menu tower, simply click once on it.

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Graphics and soundtrack:

Graphically the game is very much pleased, all decorated magnificently colorful. Happy as animation and excellent game optimization. The soundtrack was created with the inherent to the military musical instruments. To summarize: “Soldiers easy win” is balanced, beautiful and exciting Tower Defense, which is really fun to play and it gives the player a chance to prove themselves, not stupidly extort money from him. The game is absolutely free, so do not forget to thank the developers for its assessment on Google Play. Enjoy the game!


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