Townsmen Premium – Economic strategy for Android…

Townsmen android – incredibly beautiful computer strategy is now officially available on our smartphones. This game is already downloaded to their machines around 50,000 people – and they loved it! The application has received an average rating of 4.5 stars and hit the top paid google play games.

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So, the strategy is in far 18th century in France. You no longer loved the power, the king. And then you decide to go for a Grand step – revolution. All you want to do is to overthrow the king and to create normal management of the country. In this application you have to help other people in the French revolution.

As in any normal strategy, townsmen android implemented a huge number of possibilities. However, it all starts from a small base, with the construction of housing and collect resources for further existence. First, you will need to build a farm, a bakery, a house for peasants, the port for fishing. When you provide yourself and your village food, you can proceed to the next step.
Start collecting his army. For her clothing should build a smithy, where you can forge armor.

Download Townsmen Premium

Over the game, you should improve their buildings. It will allow to increase productivity of the enterprise.

You also need to say that this application is implemented two game modes: mode of the company and the endless mode of the game. In the first you will have to fight with the king and his allies. The second mode is designed specifically for training. Provides endless game, which is implemented by map generator.

Download Townsmen Premium

Let’s summarize. Before us is a great medieval strategy in the Russian language. Its main advantage is the stunning graphics and well thought-out gameplay. If you are a fan of this game, you may, without thinking, to install the game on their smartphones.