Time For Audiobooks With ‘Audible’ – Free Download!

If you thought e-books changed the way people look at reading, then you are partially right. It did, to some extent. It`s the invention of audiobooks that completely blew the people out. Audiobooks are a next level thing, which are gradually getting really popular.


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What Is ‘Audible’?

‘Audible’ is an application that runs on Android and iOS based devices and has recently won several awards for being the best mobile app for providing audiobooks.

Now you longer have to visit book stores to find your favourite book or to take out some time to read. You can simply search from a plethora of books by just one click to get your novel. You can also now listen to books while you`re taking your dog out on a walk or even when you`re in the gym. Isn`t this just awesome?

Some Amazing Features of ‘Audible’?

‘Audible’ in itself is nothing short of an evolutionary application which has been changing our perception of books. Here`s a list of things that it offers :

1. Largest Collection:

Audible has a vast collection of books from classics to popular fiction, from sci-fi to business, from children`s novels to best sellers; you can find just about anything under one application. Simply click on search to get your favourite audio books and there you are, you got exactly what you wanted.

2. Choose your Language:

If you thought that it is only available for the English speaking community, then you`re absolutely wrong. With ‘Audible’ you can select your own language from a list of options to listen to your books. Now that gives more convenience for all those who are comfortable in their respective mother tongues.

3. All About Entertainment:

Well, the best thing about this application is not that it provides audio-books, but it also provides many more ways to keep you entertained. It has a range of stand-up comedy shows, news, radio and even podcasts to make sure your spare time has been properly invested. SURPRISE! You get a free newspaper every day.  There’s just so much more to explore.

4. Get it On A CD:

‘Audible’ even allows its users to compose a CD of all the downloaded audiobooks for future use. With the ‘Burn into a CD’ option you can seriously create a library, absolutely of your own, that would be having your favourite books. You can choose from a list of formats available for easy working of your audiobook.

How To Get ‘Audible’ On Mac?


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‘Audible’ is an amazing app via which you can burn all the content in CDs for use. But for better experience, you must have it on your Mac. However, to get this on your respective Mac, you just need to get Bluestacks downloaded as well as installed in your respective system. Firstly, get offline installer of Bluestacks. When the emulator has been incorporated, just search for the app in the already provided search box and download as well as install the same. When done, you are all set to enjoy the app!

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