The Room Two For PC – Free Download For Windows!

The Room Two is an Android and iOS based mobile game by Fireproof Games. Ever since the game has been launched in December 2013, it has become one of the best puzzle games and has been nominated for the best outstanding mobile game while being a part of several other nominations.

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Is it Better than its Predecessor?

The Room Two is a sequel of the already popular puzzle game. As a sequel it completely satisfies the users’ want for getting some extra oomph factor. The most notable change between the two is the basic outline which is mainly the structure of room. Unlike Room One, this expands into other arenas and stages with multiple themes, which is sure to give you something new worth exploring. Even the tasks and puzzles somewhat seem to be similar to the previous game but this one is made a little complex by removing certain guide features. The whole area of the game is enormous and seriously great. Of course, the grandness of the game is a welcoming change but it is also making the game a bit tougher, which means more challenging.

Definitely Room Two is the winner in the fight held against other game, mainly because of some very thoughtful puzzles and loads of creativity, which can seriously keep you glued with your smartphone.

What’s The Game Like?

In this game, you would have to closely examine set of boxes and then hunt for their keys from a variety of other stuff. The game is extremely smart and indeed a witty work of creativity where you would be foolish enough to not to spot the key right in front of your eyes.

The Best Thing About This?

When talking about best things, graphics and sound top the list. The graphics are more than amazing since they have a certain bend that can easily create a situation to scare you. Not just that, it can sometimes make you laugh at your own stupidity.

The way the darkly-lit chambers are shown is just flawless, with the right amount of light, at the right place. The sound effects are great too. A little blowing of air and creepy whispering sounds are best suited sound effects. The undercurrent of the background sound gives out the feeling of living an actual horror story. The ongoing dark story makes sure that you remain spooked out throughout the game. The game guarantees to offer a live-like experience, which certainly no other puzzle game can.

How To Get This On PC?

If you’re worried about not being able to get this on your PC, then chill, as here’s what you need to do:

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1. Download Bluestacks, which is the best emulator one can get.  Install it!
2. Search for The Room Two.
3. Now click on Download.
4. Wait for it to install.
Voila! There you go now! Enjoy Room Two at your PC with ease!

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