Talking Tom Cat 2 for Mac

Talking Tom Cat 2 is the new version of original Talking Tom Cat with amazing new features and twists. It is one of the funniest applications to use on android and iOS gadgets. Not only funnier but it is the much better than the original Talking Tom Cat. Due to its new look, it has become no.1 in the Google Play with more than 500 millions downloads till date. Now, you can customize your very own Tom Cat with all new accessories and new outfits. This Tom Cat repeats whatever you say in a very hilarious voice. You can poke him, challenge him, and talk to him in an all new mini game. Whatever you want your Tom Cat to do, you can make it do and then can record to send the videos to friends on Facebook or can upload on YouTube.

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Features of Talking Tom Cat 2

The new Talking Tom Cat has been provided with new accessories like fruit cat, shirt and tie. It looks classier in pirate hat or a bunny hat. New tones and accents have been introduced in it which makes the apps funnier. To increase the clarity of the voice of Tom Cat, you can increase the speed as well. In this version, Cat has been moved to new cool apartment from the old alley. New mini game has been introduced in which the player has to climb up in the space and collect gold coins.

To have more fun, you can push the cat to react in a funny way or poke it on head or in the midriff. Tom Cat reacts in an angry way when the player throws water on it. To see how cat uses its claws, you can make him scratch the screen with them. Cat becomes very happy when milk is poured on it. To punch the Tom Cat, you need to tap on the screen, and multiple punches can be given by repeated tapping and after receiving them for a while, you can see stars around its head. There are also some more actions like pillow smashes and exploding bags. Recently many videos of Talking Tom Cat 2 have been released on internet in which the cat is performing the famous Ganganam style dance, news reading by Tom, song of lady Gaga sung by it and many more. In a video, Tom Cat is seen meeting with Angela, who is shown the crush of Tom, and hell lots of things to play with.

Download Talking Tom Cat 2 on Mac:

This app is of 30 MB only, so very little time is required to download and install it. Below is the step wise procedure to download and install it on your Mac.

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  1. Download Bluestacks on your Mac system right by clicking here.
  2. Install Bluestacks emulator on your Mac and wait till it loads the files.
  3. In the search bar, type Talking Tom Cat 2 and wait till the official results appear.
  4. Download and install the app once you find it.
  5. Now open the app and let the Tom speak what you want him to.

I am sure this one is funnier than the original Talking Tom Cat for the children as well as for adults. You can lighten up your mode with some hilarious actions of Talking Tom Cat 2 on your Mac. Download it right away!

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