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Sharing files between devices wirelessly has increasingly become a tedious task, as the files are becoming larger and heavier. Be it phones or computer you need to share files using bluetooth or an internet connection. It is easy to share small files using Bluetooth, although it does become difficult to do so with large files. Using Bluetooth takes a lot of time and is just not time efficient. You could always use the internet as in cloud sharing or drop box, however, this too has its shortfalls, resulting in a clogged internet connection. To get rid of this short fall app developers have come up with app that allow user to efficiently share files simply using a WIFI connection.


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One such app is the super beam. Super beam is a fast and easy to use app that allows an android user the ability to share large files using WiFi directly. A user needs to pair their device using QR code, NFC or sharing key. When a paired device doesn’t have super beam installed you can do so using a web based interface. The sharing speeds are superb allowing you to transfer and share pictures, movies, music or large files in a matter of seconds. All you need to do is to select the documents and files that you want to share and they will be transferred in seconds.

When a user decodes to share a file all that is required, is that the other device should also have a PRO version of SuperBeam. In case you are planning on transferring a file from an android device to a PC then the PC must also have SuperBeam installed along with an android emulator that allows the superbeam app to run.

The requirements for a user who is downloading this app is Windows, a Firewall exception for the outgoing 8080 and 8888 ports and Java 6 installed. If you don’t have it already then considered getting all the requirement. For the android devices you need to install a PRO version of SuperBeam to allow it to work with your PC.


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Downloading Superbeam For PC:

Step 1: The app was designed and developed primarily for use with an android operating system thus all those who wish to use this app onto their laptops or PCs need to download and android emulator bluestack. Download it from here. The emulator will allow you to search and use the app on your personal computer.

Step 2: after the emulator has been downloaded simply look for the app in the search option of the android emulator. This will direct you to the Google play store that gives you access to the app, just click on the install button and the app will start downloading.

Step 3 : After the app has downloaded all that is needed to be done is install and run the app  .

Over all it can be said that superbeam is a great app for anyone who regularly shares files wirelessly. The app will make the sharing fast and efficient.

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