SpiderWay is another fun puzzle game for your Android device. In this game your task is to help small coloured stones. Each of them should get into your house, and you need him to help and assist in spite of possible obstacles. The way home the main characters begins with one of three webs. They do not like to walk on the straight path, and continually continually strive to go to the crossroads and where you get lost. Your task is to build their path so that it ran exclusively home. But an important condition should be, what color of a spider that color should be and the path leading back home.


To build the transition from one line to another, you must make a corresponding moving swiping a finger across the screen of the device. But remember that your way may move and other spiders, the route of which should be made otherwise. Every new level is a new opportunity to make new number of transitions. To solve this problem, you have only two options, and of course each of them has its results and effects. The first option is to make a quick and accurate calculations, how to walk in a given situation. This option is interesting because the spiders crawl constantly zigzags and eventually will still be in place their own homes. Secondly, you can always clear the game field from unnecessary transitions, using virtual broom, which will wait in the lower right corner of the screen.


If you think the game is very simple and does not deserve your attention, then you make hasty conclusions. Over time, the web will become available for color and spiders, those whose color is very difficult to determine. Now at this stage of the game, which is even bigger in size of the present, you have pretty tight. These spiders get to the first crossroads and start to get stuck there. They are not harming others, smaller spiders, but she simply blocking the road. Get rid of them is possible only by one way is to click a certain number of times, until it disappears. They otvalilis from a web, just fall down.