Sonic Dash – Now Available For Mac

As the technological world is adopting leading advancements, the gaming world also doesn’t lag behind. With seriously many improvements in the sector, not many are fascinated by simple games like Mario.


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If you absolutely love games and want to experience a better world of gaming then you are welcomed to the arena of Sonic Dash. This extremely well-received game by Sega is a refreshing change that never ceases to amaze you; a perfect mix of the 90s theme and 21st century’s trends. Here too, the main character, Sonic is forced to fight against enemies to achieve success. Quite contrary to the other games, this game seriously offers some high levels of autonomy to the user and play area to explore. The lead, in bright blue, is left abandoned in new themes and new platforms to figure a way out.

Here Is Why You Would Fall In Love With ‘Sonic Dash’:

‘Sonic Dash’ is an extremely engaging game with amazing gameplay. It is not just for adults but is superbly even suitable and equally exciting for kids. The cute little animals running around with happy songs in the backdrop seems to create a perfectly safe environment for children to play games. But this is not all, here’s a list of things that are sure to keep you glued to the game:

  1. Gameplay:

‘Sonic Dash’ offers a far better and impressive gameplay than its already present prequels. This is because the present main character gets to explore in varied themes and platforms. You can easily move to different worlds to enjoy the game. There are no complex procedures to play the game and the controls are really handy too. Overall, the gameplay is worth appreciation.

  1. Sound:

When you start playing the game, you will realise that you’re truly enjoying the happy melody playing in the background. A word of caution: It’s highly addictive.

  1. Graphics:

The game, which is quite similar to Temple Run and Subway Surfer, can definitely be called a better version of both. There’s a drastic difference between the graphics. ‘Sonic Dash’ has graphics that shine out instantly from the moment you play the game.

How To Get ‘Sonic Dash’ On Mac?

There is absolutely no denying that everyone who plays this game instantly falls in love with it. This game is super addictive and thus should definitely find a place on your Mac.


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To get any Android or iOS based mobile application on your MAC, you must first have an emulator. An emulator is basically a platform that gives you the space or call it an environment to run your files easily and safely. Thus, the first step would be download an android emulator and on this you can take your pick from Bluestacks since it is really good. Download its offline installer.

The second part would involve searching for ‘Sonic Dash’ in it’s search engine and installing it on your device. There you go! All set for playing!

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