Smash Hit ” beautiful game in a world of glass

Meet excellent game from the series of physical arcade – Smash Hit. The game was good, and draws from the first minutes of gameplay. This is not surprising, because the Mediocre developer who created this application, is already marked in Play Store other great games: Sprinkle, Granny Smith, Sprinkle Junior and Sprinkle Islands.

The meaning of this game for Android simple to horror: fly (camera in the first person and to change it is not) by futuristic glass world and throwing iron balls, knock crystals and glass objects that interfere with your movement. By the way it should be noted that a downed crystals charge balls, crystals are different advantages to 3 or 5 balls. If to knock down ten crystals in succession, instead of one ball will fly two, which makes the process of churning simpler.

Download Smash Hit

Control in the game is very simple, you just throw balls, pressing on the screen at the desired point. But to calculate the trajectory of the ball is not as easy as it seems at first glance. Sound cool Smash Hit, supports the exciting atmosphere of the game process.

Download Smash Hit

To install a Premium version of the game, you must do the following:

If you installed the free version, then remove it.
Next, download the following file with a PostScript “premium” and install it on your smartphone.
Then you should press on the main menu of the words ” Get the premium version”, then in the menu that opens purchase to click on “Restore order”. All premium version of the game has been activated, you can recite to play.