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Show Box

Have released a new series of favorite TV series? Download the torrent file from the torrent tracker, expect the process to download the video file, insert the flash drive into the usb input, download the uploaded file on the stick and now, when the joy of anticipation novelty strangled waiting (it is not important what his long, any pending annoying), see their sight. Phone – mobile smartphone – the powerful; Internet high speed. Catch the trend? Hence, the distance between the output of the new series and the fact that you will be able to see, should be minimal. And help us here the application Show Box (TV Series).

The first and the main tab of the application meets us with a scattering of posters of various series.

Show Box

Interesting episode in this diversity can be found by searching. Sort runoff series can by rating, title and date of the last series, and by genres. Clicking on the posters of the series, you will find yourself in the beautifully designed site that is devoted to them. Here you can see a large banner show, and under it – series last season and selection tab a particular season.
Over the banner of three tabs: info; library; to share.

The first tab is a synopsis of the series. Tap on the second tab adds series in your library series. The third tab needs no introduction.

Download Show Box

Having defined with a specific series of view, you’re on the menu with a choice of characteristics: watch or download the series in the original or in English dubbing; how to download or to broadcast a series; and, finally, two large Taba – download series on the device or watch online.

As is customary on Android, can be viewed as a standard video player, and by the third party. Screenshot preview in MX Player:


Let us return to the three main tabs of the application, namely the second – library. There are going added serials, on pages of which you have clicked the button In the Library.» A kind of constant pool of your view.

Same here – and the list of uploaded\downloaded episodes.

The third tab of the application consists of sorting all of the series on the latest additions of the last series (with indication of the date of addition.

The application was initially has unobtrusive advertising in the form of a small pop-up banner while you pause during playback (when you resume playback, it will disappear), but also a huge banner that arise occasionally when you finish watching the series. Advertising of such a completely unobtrusive nature of the developer promised to remove «one day», if you click on a large banner.

Everything would be perfect, if not for one «but»! The only thing wildly lacks such application notifications about new episodes of TV series from your library. There is no doubt that in future updates of such a novelty will appear.

Download the application in Play Market cannot, you can do it by reference.
This review completed and we should not waste a single minute (as already mentioned in the beginning), to deal in the midst of breathtaking your Ghost stories! Conveniently, quickly and qualitatively!

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