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Real Racing 3 is one of the best car racing games to hit the market. It was designed by ‘Firemonkeys’. The game was published under Electronic Arts tag, on 28 Feb 2013. This was the third instalment of the real racing series, whose previously developed version were a huge success too.


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Real Racing 3 – The Game:

The game offers the player, option of choosing from 166 licensed cars as well as 12 tracks. The game starts with the player choosing between a Nissan Silvia S15 and a Ford Focus, as their starting car. Game has several series that are sub divided into tiers with each tier featuring 3 races. The game features around 50 series and few cars can be selected to play in each series, each car can be bought on winning a specified number of trophies as well as on wining a level. Each series has around 17-18 tiers and 3 races as you will enter a tier, you will be able to play a single race with each race getting unlocked as player wins trophies or medals in a previous race or by using the in game currency. During the game, player will start at a Driver level 0 which increases as the player wins fame points as the player advances and wins races. On crossing level 6 you can also win gold coins as well as reward points.

The game also offers the payer a chance to win 2 types of currency. The first is real dollars which is easier to win as completing races, completing laps advancing in series, etc. will earn it. If you wish to win gold coins you need to finish each quarter of series, advance to higher driver level in the game, completing achievements, or merely by watching advertisements. Another aspect of the game is, the time that the player needs to spend on maintenance can last up to several hours and depends on the damage that the car may have incurred during the race. Drive points are used by the driver to take part in time trials, these points can be won by using gold coins or by waiting for the game to replenish the points. The player can also use VIP services, as well as hire crew members.

The Features:

The game offers the player amazing graphics as well as controls, the plot as well as the track are much more advanced compared to the other mobile racing games available in the market. The social interaction that the game offers makes sure that you compete with real world player and get to keep track of your races and achievements.


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Real Racing 3 For PC

The game has been designed for the Android operating system officially. Although, it is possible to play the game on your PC by downloading Bluestacks. Bluestacks is an Android emulator that will allow you to download as well as use android applications on your PC. The emulator is different for Mac as well as for windows, therefore it is important to download based on the system that you intend to use it for. Download for your windows from here. Once Bluestacks has been downloaded, simply search for Real Racing 3, this will lead you to the Google play store from where it can be downloaded.

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