Pop Up Soda With Candy Crush Soda Saga For Mac

Candies today have become not just the delicacies for kids, but also for the grown-ups as well. All hail to the love of Candy Crush Saga. Now this game has been such an explosive and a massive success, that its makers have finally brought a newer version, rather to call it a sequel would be better, with its “Sodalicious” game called Candy Crush Soda Saga.


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The time has absolutely ripen for you to switch over to the newer version called Candy Crush Soda Saga, wherein the respective global fans of the first hit can easily switch and match their method through new dimensions of the gameplay along with totally new and exciting graphics and options together with game modes, candy combos, gameplay mechanics and a lot of other stuff.

Designed to compete aboard with the first game, this next version introduces fun new options to each and every player. You will definitely fall in love with the entire gameplay and the story of the primary title. Only to satisfy you with similar sweetness, Candy Crush Soda Saga offers an equivalent adventure story framework utilized in the first, where players progress by completing new levels and episodes in the adventure story map and might also have an expertise on numerous social layers once connected via Facebook.

Why Is It Different?

This newer version includes more sweetness. The players get to meet characters such as Kimmy, Tiffi along with Mr. Yeti. Accordingly, in this new world, Kimmy is basically in the pursuit of her sister, who is actually none but Tiffi. Now, to make this journey of searching lighter and more challenging, you have to cross the popping 135 levels. Signature enchanted components along with the classic moves of the Candy Crush remain the same yet gamers will encounter fun pop as they amaze around every corner. Likewise you definitely have to match the candies along with ensuring that you are able to fulfil the provided objective in the most precise way; which means to cross each level with the provided number of moves.

Now, Candy Crush Saga had tons of different features like chocolate bomb that forms if you match 5 candies, striped as well as the wrapped lot of candies, when matched in a particular order along with tons of many other stuff. Candy Crush Soda Saga also includes these, but that’s not it. It actually includes more. You can now match four candies, in a square form, that will help you get Jelly Fish. Also you can get the new Hammer Lollipop that can erase, not just one or two candies together, not even four or five of them, but actually one whole row. Basically it seriously has lots more to offer.

Enjoy the “Sodalicious” Arena Even On Your Mac:


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This incredibly sweet game is now also available on your respective Mac. But for that, you must be equipped with a reliable Android emulator, which should allow you to use just any Android app or game. Make sure to get none other than Bluestacks for this. Download it! After getting it, just search for this game by typing on the already built-in search box. Only after getting the game, just hit to download it, following which you need to install it. Once all done, Voila! All set to get enthralled in a new candy world.

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