Pixel Dungeon for PC – Download For Free!

Pixel dungeon by Watabou is a rouge like game with pixel art graphics. Designed for Android operating systems, this game allows the player to have fun of pixel art graphics on the go. The game is inspired by Bian walker’s Brogue, although a little less gruesome. The game doesn’t allow the player to get bored as when you start, the game will place you in a randomly generated plot with levels of dungeons having monsters lurking in every corner ready to attack and defeat you.


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A Little About Pixel Dungeon:

Pixel dungeon is essentially a RPG game however unlike the traditional RPG games you will die a lot during the game. The game has a lot of surprise as randomly generated elements, which will keep your interest in the game. To add to the twist, the game also gives you surprise weapons as well as items while you run through the dungeon. The aim is to survive and stay alive as you run through the dungeon. The game play is really simple and will start in the city sewers, as you progress further you have to collect loot and beat the monsters. The player needs to select by tapping on the screen, the location where they want to move to.

The game essentially features 3 characters that include a warrior, a mage, and a rouge. The warrior is the mightiest of them all and has the maximum strength as well as sword power. The mage have a wand that recharges with progression in the game on eating food and the rouge is great at survival as he can last a long time without food. To survive in the game, you need to eat food and the great thing is that food is easy to come by. If you are unable to get any food you will starve and loose HP.

Why Should You Try This Game?

This game has much to offer, however the biggest reason to try this game is that it is free, you can download this game from the Google play store free of cost. It is a game that will make the old school players happy. The game offers carton like pixel graphics however that are more advanced. The music for the game is provided by Code blue that add to the fun.

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Pixel Dungeon for PC

Since the game is designed for Android users; for those who wish to play it on their PC, need to download Bluestack, which is an Android emulator. What an android emulator essentially does is that it allows programs that would run on an Android device to run on your PC. The Bluestack program is different for a windows or a Mac and it is important that the appropriate program be downloaded.

Once you have downloaded and installed the program, run it and search for pixel dungeon using Bluestacks. This will direct you to the Google play store form where you can download and install Pixel Dungeon.

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