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News360 was launched in the year 2010, known for personalized news which was presented before you in a beautiful way. The most current version of News360 used is 3.5.6. It is an app used on Smartphone’s, tablets and the web. News360 gives the aggregation service which uses a semantic analysis engine so that it can provide you the information about the major ongoing event around the globe and the information that is relevant to your interest.


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News360 creates an interest graph which is based upon the individual’s interest, which helps to connect the people in a community who may have the common interest not necessary that they know each other. The fans of the news360 are more than 4M which are located mostly in San Francisco, CA having offices in Moscow, New York and Russia.

Technology used in News360:

  • It aggregates the information from around 100,000 sources by using semantic analysis.
  • It performs classification, named-entity reorganization and cluster analysis.
  • It uses complex formula to rank the top stories, author, influence of the source, author, text quality and complexity, size, velocity and many other metrics.
  • It collects the clustered, ranked stories and personalized interest based on their interest graph.

Services provided by News360:

  • News360 keeps updated about the latest and most recent events taking place around the globe from a single window.
  • Users can navigate from the categories like Sports, TV, Movies, Politics, cultural and social etc.
  • Users can enjoy live English speaking news streams from various sources around the globe.
  • User can dive deeper into the details about the brands, people and hyperlinks.
  • If you have missed any article or stories you can read it later by saving it into your bookmarklet directly to your account from any site, it also lets you to see collage of images.

How to use News360:

Firstly, you need to create an account on the website using any social websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+. You have to just login with your email id. Once in, than you can start creating your interest it may be any topic for example business, politic, social and so on.


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It’s not compulsory to create interest you can go ahead straight to your news, it will automatically choose all options for you. If you don’t want to read certain news you can go back and deselect those topics. When you get connected to your twitter account, the top-line topics become more aligned.

Main news page is full of the stories in which you are interested. You can also select manually your interested topics in News 360 and also share your stories and save them into your favorites.

How to run on PC:

  • Download the Bluestacks player from the here and install on your Laptop or computer which support android apps to run on the PC.
  • Start Bluestacks and search News360 app in the search dialog box of Bluestack.
  • You will find the app with install button; just click that button and wait for sometime; for the app to get install.
  • Start the News360 application by double clicking the icon.
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