MX Player – multi media player

MX Player Pro for Android, is a unique player video for modern phones. We can say that this Player on Android, is representative of the new generation of players.

With its help, you will be available for viewing movies, virtually any format. The player plays the video files as standard formats, such as avi, divx, mov, xvid, mpeg, flv, mp4, mpeg, and with the formats that are generally used for movies good quality and volume, for example, formats such as mkv, f4v, MP4, wmv. With this player to your phone will be available less common, but used formats 3gp, webm and many others.

MX Player Pro for Android


As you’ve probably already figured out, this player plays almost any movie, any quality and format.

Another of its advantages is that you can only change the scale. You can choose 1 of the 4 possible options of displaying images on the screen. Download MX Player Pro for Android, is also due to its broad opportunities available to work with subtitles. You can easily manipulate the subtitles, to scroll through the text quickly to move through it, scroll the subtitles.

Also, you have access to the regulation borders and shadows subtitles, which will allow to optimize the text, making it the most comfortable for the eyes. Distinctive and the main feature of the player is a multi-core decoding. This will allow the maximum use of features on your switch, and it will improve performance in several times.


MX Player download