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Microsoft office is the most popular software for working people and even those who wish to use it personally. However, there are many cost effectives alternatives to MS office; and LibreOffice Viewer for PC is one of them. This suite that was launched in 2011 has been improving consistently although these improvements are more in the line of under the hood bug fixing, better compatibility with MS office documents and similar other features rather than any really large scale developments. LibreOffice 4.1 is just a continuity of this trend which incorporates some new useful features but no major changes.


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The best part about LibreOffice 4.1 is that it is free and includes the same programs: Writer, Calc, and Impress for presentations, and the Base database, Draw and math formula editor. The tacky part of it is that when you open the link it also opens a Web page that makes an open and unashamed request for donations to The Document Foundations. Hence if you are planning to send the link to your staff then you will have to keep this fact in mind.

Similar to the single installer for MS office 2013, the download of LibreOffice Viewer for PC requires two separate files that require to be transferred in order to avail the built in help. That makes the installation process slightly cumbersome, but unlike with some software like OpenOffice it does not trigger warnings when downloaded on Windows and Mac as The Document Foundation has signed the files digitally.

Another odd factor is that the Windows release is an international build that is very generic. During the installation the English version installs, the UK and US interface languages along with South African, French and Spanish variant which can be removed to save space. It is also a good idea to skip the QuickStart component that pre loads a lot of the software as soon as Windows is started. Although the installation happens by default, you need to turn it on in order for it to get enabled.

Once the LibreOffice 4.1 is installed you get the look of OpenOffice with different icons and the features are also practically the same although there are some extras. This interface makes large scale use of menus and toolbars although the toolbar icons in LibreOffice Viewer for PC are larger and easier to identify than they are in OpenOffice. Some of the dialogue boxes are also large enough and have better layouts. However, the Find and Replace dialogue is slightly cramped compared to that in OpenOffice. However, it is possible to find a word with the help of the search bar that opens at the bottom of the document in all LibreOffice applications.


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How To Download?

  • Step 1: To run this app, download Bluestack in your PC. This program can be downloaded from here.
  • Step 2: After you have download and install Bluestack in your PC, run the app and then open the search option. Enter LibreOffice in the search bar and then open Google play store.
  • Step 3: In the play store, install the app and run it on your PC.
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