Kingdom Rush For Mac: Delve Yourself In A Fantastical World!

There is definitely no doubt that games, especially the ones that include fantasy and all kinds of mystical stuff creates a unique appeal among the gamers, that can be truly unmatched and can be seriously awesome. Not only these games help the player to traverse to an imaginative world but also helps them to beat the daily stress. Kingdom Rush, a truly remarkable presentation from the Armor Games as well as Ironhide Game Studio falls under this mystifying gaming category.


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A Small Gist Of The Kingdom Rush:

Kingdom Rush, a spectacular tower defence game, was initially released in 2011 as a simple game based on free flash browser. Later as soon as it got overwhelming response from the passionate gamers from all around the world, the game got official for iPad on 19th of December 2011 along with being available on the popular Android OS in the year of 2013. Soon, in the smartphones app market, the game became one of the most loved and most played games.

Essentially having a typical Medieval fantasy backdrop Kingdom Rush presents itself as a highly strategic tower defense game. There are essentially three towers, from which you have to choose the right one. These comprise of the following:

  1. Barracks,
  2. Mage,
  3. Archers

While you head up, you would be accompanied with a certain amount of money that you would be needing to invest properly on purchasing the towers. You would also face some real foes like here in form of monsters. As a player, you have to keep these monsters at bay simply by killing them. As you kill them, not only you would be able to protect your respective tower, but would also be able to generate some money as well. This money, thus earned, can be further used for upgrading the towers.

While performing so many jobs, you would be required to cross the game’s 18 levels, that themselves would present you with its 48 kinds of deadly monsters. Once you have completed one level, you would be able to get the Heroic Mode as well as the Iron Challenge. Now these modes are actually more challenging and more thrilling than the present Campaign Mode. While the latter allowed you to get three stars, when you killed all the present monsters in just one time, the former ones offer you two stars for the same feat.

All in all Kingdom Rush is bound to keep you hooked up and glued with your respective mobile device, seriously, for hours. The awesome graphics and the superior representation of the characters make this game livelier and all the more exciting.

Fantasize Your Kingdom On Mac:


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Now Android emulators like Bluestacks has made it possible to enjoy Kingdom Rush on your Macbooks as well. First you just have to download it on Mac. Following this, you obviously have to install the same. Now get the game by looking for it and no sooner do you get it, just download it. After this, the installation process would commence and would get completed as per your internet connection.

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