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Goat Simulator is a funny game which is completely different. It is a bizarre game like a reproduction of the life of a goat. If anybody dreams of being a goat, it is fulfilled by this game and you no longer have to fantasize about this. Goat simulator is all about causing as much destruction as you can do being a goat and the player has to wreck stuffs. There are no goals or missions in the game to accomplish, the only thing which needs to be done is to run around and destroy everything to collect points.

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Gameplay of Goat Simulator:

In Goat Simulator, the player has to behave as a goat that can freely graze in an open world and can destroy everything that it finds. The player as a goat can bleat as loudly as possible which scares others. In the game, goat is seen breaking into homes of people and destroying their cars, fences and everything that comes in front of it.

The main weapon of goat in the game is its horns and it is also seen licking things with its tongue, biting them and dragging the things. There are some specific actions listed on the screen such as flying for some time with special jetpack. These actions when performed help to earn extra points. åThis game is easy to play with smooth graphics and animations. WASD keys are used to move the goat like with button ‘1’ goat can be made to bleat, with ‘E’ goat licks, ‘R’ is used for special powers and for running ‘Shift’ is used. With the help of mouse, camera can be rolled in any direction and you can roam around anything with a left click. Also you can make the goat run, kick and perform weird tricks.

This game is played from a point of view of third person. Few blatant bugs are there in the game. Often head of the goat is seen passing through the walls or the fences which does not explains a reason and quite frequently limbs of goat disappears. This makes animation illogical at times. However, these bugs increase the fun and add to the beauty of this interesting game.


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Goat Simulator makes the player feel that the life of a goat is much more exciting than anybody can imagine. However, Goat Simulator is not the game for those who are hardcore gamers. It appears to be bizarre and interesting for only those who are casual gamers.

Download Goat Simulator on Mac:

Follow the easy steps carefully for successful download of the game on your Mac.

  1. Download Android Emulator Bluestacks from here which is essential to download the game on Mac.
  2. Install it and then go to search tab which is present on top right corner of the software.
  3. Type ‘Goat Simulator’ and hit enter.
  4. The link will be available through which the game will be downloaded and installed.

Now, you are ready to play the game on your Mac which will definitely entertain you where you will find several surprises while playing this. Goat Simulator for Mac is worth giving a try.

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