Gaming Just Got Better With Crossy Road For Mac

Games and applications present on the Android operating system had always been favourites for seriously quite a lot of people, including regular gamers along with the non-gamers. These games are not just entertaining with tons of lively graphics, but are also due its free subscription that they have gained such a high mass of popularity. Crossy Road, on this typical gaming aspect, takes a proud stand. Let’s check how does it do so.

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A Slight Glance On Crossy Road:

Initially released in the year 2014, by the popular Indie company called Hipster Whale, Crossy Road has been one of the exciting game; that seriously has been good along with being easy. Its source or rather the concept basically revolves around the common question that has been asked since ages, which goes like, as to “why did the chicken cross the road?”

What Does It Consist Of?

Based on this essential statement, Crossy Road initiates the players to get himself as much far as possible that would also include roads, tracks, rivers along with many more, but without losing the life. Having a total 90 characters, among which 79 can be easily unlocked with the help of the prize machine, whereas the remaining 11 are reserved as Secret, the game surpasses many others. These unlockable characters include the following ones:

  • Festive Chicken
  • Chicken
  • Emo Goose
  • Baby Duck
  • Kiwi
  • Mallard
  • Poopy Pigeon
  • Fluffy Sheep
  • Cow
  • Big Fat Pig
  • Scruffy Dog
  • Wolf
  • Tabby Cat
  • Lovely Bunny
  • Lucky Cat
  • Penguin
  • Desert Frog
  • Floppy Fish
  • Flea
  • Fast Tortoise along with many more.

Now the players need to play as a mascot being a chicken or bunny or simply a koala bear. You have to tap the respective screen of your mobile device for navigation. While you are in this journey, you are likely to face many obstacles, some of which can also take your life. These life taking obstacles include

  • rivers
  • cars
  • trains
  • trees
  • gravestones and
  • even boulders.

For going past these obstacles, you have to wait till the way is clear. In case of rivers, you can also use platforms for crossing them. For ensuring that the game is spicer, an eagle has also been added, that can come and can easily snatch away your respective mascot. Of course this would get implied if you stay at one place for 5 seconds or if you move three steps back, thereby making you dead, which would eventually mean “game over”. But there are rewards as well. For every square unit thus moved, you can get the chance of earning a point. Also every accumulation of 50 points will be signified with a distinct sound effect, thus boosting you up for playing more. Apart from these points, you can also earn some gold coins as well.

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Crossing Places On Mac:

Crossy Road is one of the most hailed Android games. However, now playing this on your Mac is also easy, as long as your Mac is loaded with Bluestacks. Download and install Bluestack. After getting the Bluestacks, look up for Crossy Road, finding which you just have to download it along with installing it. Whoa! It’s done. You are now ready to enjoy this stupendous game!

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