Flipboard For PC – Free Download!

Flipboard is a mobile application via which one can create an outlook of a magazine and read all of the favourite stuff online. With this you can easily create a very personalized and print-style online magazine with the content available on the internet.


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It is seriously a stunning application that can give you access to all the related articles on the genre that you prefer to read at one place, in a neatly organized manner and also gives you a feeling, that you’re reading a magazine.

How Does This Works?

Flipboard works on a simple and very basic idea; it connect to your social networks and gauges your likes and interests in certain fields to drive out articles on similar niches. After the selection and screening is done, the application itself organizes all the collected data in a neat, magazine-like manner for enhancing the reader’s usability.

What If You Are Not On Social Media Platforms?

So, if the working model of Flipboard worries you because you’re not on any social media, then need not to worry. The super cool reader is not going to let you down. Of course, the major idea of the application works on social media, but in absence of it, you can simply download the app and manually choose the topics that you’d like to read about. Flipboard will present you with several topics from which you can handpick the ones you are most passionate about.

Is This Only About Reading Articles?

Even though, the major thing that this application provides you with is a lot of material to read on the topics of your choice, but that’s not all. For people who might not be interested only in reading, there’s a wide range of things that you can look at, to keep yourself entertained. The app effectively aggregates new items, blogs, stories, images, videos and social media posts. The amazing ‘Follow’ feature lets you select the topics of your choice and even the kind of materials you are looking forward to, like something readable or some kind of a video.

The Design

If you are looking for something that is super user-friendly and is easy to work with, then this online reader is seriously good to go to. With easy directions and guides you can access almost everything that you want. There are tutorials also available that prove to be highly helpful.

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How Can You Get It On Your PC?

If you are wanting to have this application on your personal computer then, you’d have to download an emulator first. The best emulator available online is Bluestacks, so start with installing that on your PC. Firstly, download Bluestack. Once you are done with it, search for Flipboard in the Bluestacks search engine and download it. Wait for it to install.

Once done, go explore reading in a way like never before!

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