Everything You Need To Know About Xender For PC

How often does it happen that you have two devices, both of which you use generously and when it comes to the mobile applications, you take the pain of downloading them in both the devices, in a separate way? If the answer is yes, read on. Many of us waste an enormous time trying to download different files on different devices when in real, we can act a bit smart and save time and effort. How? With Xender.

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Xender is an amazing and a flawless mobile application that works easily on Android and iOS based devices. With Xender at your service, you can easily share and transfer files from one device to another at a blazing high speed. You, no more need to waste time by downloading important files or documents on both the devices. Simply, make use of Xender and sort your life easy.

Xender At Your Service:

Share Files: With Xender, you can not only share files and documents but you can also transfer images, videos, audios and even applications to another device. Along with this, you can also share any file that can be as big as 200MB in just 30 seconds. Sounds like a dream right?

Now instead of relying on Bluetooth which usually takes hours to connect with the other device due to network errors and takes another couple of hours to share the file; you can make use of Xender and share files at a super speed.

Works Without An Internet Connection: Don’t stare at it! This is true. Xender functions perfectly even without an internet connection. You need not be connected under the same wi-fi range or even just any wi-fi range. Dont think of using your mobile data as well, as with this app, you also don’t even have to depend on your cellular data anymore for sharing files. All you need is Xender and nothing more.

Group Sharing: The best thing about Xender is that it doesn’t just allow transfers amongst two devices, but it can also share files simultaneously with a group of devices. So if you want to send a particular video to a group of friends you can simply select the group sharing feature and transfer files in a minute. This feature is something worth noticing and making use of. The maximum limit of group sharing is five devices at a time, but even that’s great!

Cross-Platform Transfers: This amazing application Xender, allows cross-platform transfers as well. So if you own an iPhone or simply an Android phone, fret not, unlike other transferring applications, this one can easily establish cross-platform connections and share almost everything at high speed. And definitely the best part about this application is that it is available for free, for all devices. The easy availability makes it a must-have!

Connect To Your PC

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Now, you can also connect your phone with your desktop and share endless number of images, videos and audios for free. In order to install Xender on your desktop, you just need to have a good Android emulator. Bluestacks, is in fact one of the best emulators that can be found here. After downloading Bluestacks, you only to have search for Xender in its search engine. Click on download and let Xender get installed.

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