Download Panda Run on Android for free.

Panda Run Free Android – game for those who like pandas soul (as we love them).

This dynamic game about running a Panda in the ancient cities of China. Bright cartoon graphics provides a more complete immersion into the story.

From China seems a fabulous place – beautiful nature, ancient architecture. However, not everything is as smooth and pleasant as it seems at first glance.

Panda Run Free Android

Otherwise, why would the main character Panda fleeing villains of the Triad.

However, it was not important. More importantly, you need to escape as soon as possible.

Run Panda Run on Android – classic entertainment with all the consequences. You need to overcome all obstacles, and not to fall into the hands of the enemy.

Panda Run Free Android

Management system, Panda Run virtually no cavils. You need to tilt the phone to send a Panda, and hold your finger on the screen to jump. It is also very important to react quickly – it affects glasses.

Panda Run Free Android

It is very important in this long marathon to collect all the coins and bonuses that will help Panda run faster when had no strength left.

Someone say that it is a parody of the temple of the RAS. Perhaps that is the way it is. But there’s no cute Pandas. Here.

Run Panda, Run has warmth that will not leave anyone indifferent.


Download Panda Run on Android for free.

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