Download Dead Trigger 2 for Mac

Everyone loves video games, don’t you? Irrespective of their ages, everyone just loves to lay their hands on consoles and start gaming. Among all the first person shooting games Dead Trigger ran amongst the favourites. Dead Trigger has thus finally released its second edition, with its Dead Trigger 2 for all the gaming enthusiasts.


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Dead Trigger 2 has set a theme just as its previous version and it is zombies! It is a first person shooter video game. The game has been developed and published by Madfinger Games. Released in the late 2013, the game has definitely made a strong statement and is being loved widely by everyone. The visuals of the game are top notch and it seriously delivers some stunning visuals indeed.

Control Lies With You!

The game has been meticulously designed. In it, you get to choose how to shoot down zombies. There are two different control tangents.

  • The first one is the default control. In this mode, you just have to aim at the zombies and your weapon will fire automatically, if the zombie is in the line of fire.
  • The second is the advanced control scheme, much like the first version of the game. In this mode, you as an individual player have to take control, aim and fire by pressing the necessary control keys.

Game Play- Shoot To Win!

The main plot of the game has a complete set of certain objectives while gunning down zombies. It is much more fun when solely knocking out the zombies becomes the only objective to complete the level! You as a player will be entitled to a limited amount of health, which would be refurbished at every level/mission. It is an underlined fact that your health will take a beating once hit by zombies, so you need to be aware and should always be ready to show off your combat skills.

The Zombies Are On The Prowl:

Coming to zombies; there are two types of zombies that you have to shoot down in this game. There are standard and special zombies. The standard zombies are slow, however some do run and possess weapons. Special zombies as the name itself says, are designed for a purpose and they are much tougher to shoot down. They possess certain traits unique to them. They possess blueprints and truckloads of cash which are dropped when they are shot down.

Guns To Glory!

To be able to move ahead in the game you will be carrying two primary weapons. There is also a melee weapon along with having up to 3 edible items. Among the edible items you have to carefully choose which item you would prefer, as you also would want to carry certain health pills.

Download And Play Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2 is not just limited to be enjoyed on mobile devices; it can now be played even on the Macintosh systems. There are obviously different ways that enable users to use Dead Trigger 2 over their Mac systems. However, the safer process has been discussed below:


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  • Download the Bluestacks on your Mac system.
  • Now search for “Dead Trigger 2” which shall commence the downloading procedure of the game.
  • Follow each and every provided the instructions and just install the game on your Mac.
  • Now just search for the Dead Trigger 2 on your system and start gaming!
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