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Daddy was a Thief Android is a dynamic game with beautiful graphics and funny plot, telling about the adventures of an ordinary clerk of the Bank, who is forced to go to a malicious robbery own institutions in order to feed a needy family.

Have created this simple, but at the same time, very interesting masterpiece, the company Rebel Twins. The main task in the application is receiving large amounts of gold, American banknotes and bonuses. Over the last you will be temporarily added to the superpower, and then the clerk thief becomes a real «Superman».

Download Daddy Was a Thief

Chase to doze: throughout the game, you have to train speed own feet and wit. For care of the chase, have to tear down and destroy entire floors buildings and if the police will block the road, then you can gently push him away, resulting in a guardian of law and order will be temporarily disabled.

Download Daddy Was a Thief

Management in Annex Daddy was a Thief Android is very simple, and carries with just one finger. Also of the features note of quality, though not for 3D graphics, the ability to change the image of the character and presence of achievements and prizes, the effective visualization of the damage, the presence of bonuses for harmful actions and time of performance improvement.

Gameplay on the background of nice music, interesting and not boring. This game is a great option to kill a few hours time.


Download Daddy Was a Thief 

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