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Interesting mix Dungeon Crawler and MOBA games.
3 character classes, 3D graphics, hordes of mobs and, of course, bosses, and the sea of loot and experience. The game is very similar to most online games, but has in addition to the usual battles, “a walk through the caves” (a La Dungeon Hunter) and thereby distinguishing themselves from competitors and games of similar genre.
Before us another creature on the motives of the Dungeon Hunter and other similar works. Novelty is called the Battle Of The Saints I (subtle hint that this is not the last crusade against crowds of enemies in the new game universe).

Download Battle Of The Saints

So, the world is dominated by the darkness, but there are Three real hero that will protect the Light and will triumph over all the villains together and each separately.

The choice once again offers three epic hero: tank, i.e. knight and two arrow, that is to say, the magician and the magician. Dramatic start, which describes how scared us all offended and we are going to learn a new three-dimensional world.

Download Battle Of The Saints

The game is quite beautiful. Imagination as Ravensword not amazing, but as a whole everything. To play wonder the world is drawn well. There are many enemies, bosses in the original measure and certainly colorful. Weapons and skills lot, role playing part is present, so the game is not just stupid mochilovo, as many of these toys on smartphones and tablets. Battle Of The Saints I – not the top hit and not the leader of the genre, but to play this olevasse quite interesting. Moreover, judging by the name of us in the near future will be another sequel. Need to catch up to him to take this game to the end, what do you think?

Download Battle Of The Saints

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