Download Angry Birds Go – A Kart Game With Plenty Of Twists!

After the success of other versions, Rovio has finally announced the release of a new free game Angry Birds Go. Angry Birds Go is an awesome racer game having free-to-play karting adventure. The game is full of adventures, chase, and retaliations, and yes, all these with that cute little bird. Along with that the characters like cute birds, adorable green pigs and catapults are same as you might have found that in the previous Angry Bird series along with having various tracks and power-ups.


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Angry Birds Go – First Ever 3D Game With Special Powers:

The best part about the game is that you can see birds and pigs from any angle of the game, piggy islands comes in the form of colourful 3D world. Special powers are provided for each character present in the game to smash the opponents. The challenges are new and unexpected as you will find plenty of race tracks, off-road races, stunt roads and air courses. The game is still the same in structure and level; and you have to complete certain levels to move on to a new track.

A Fun Game That Faces The Issue Of Paywall:

A very good thing you will notice about the game is that the ways and means to achieve the target is seriously quite fast, when compared with the previous games. It is possible only through the booster pads and power-ups that are easily available throughout the circuit, which depends on the current character.

Transformation of Angry Bird’s Environment from 2D to 3D:

The environment of this game is different and in fact quite interesting from the other versions, as Rovio has transformed this game from 2D to 3D, only to make it livelier and better. You will find new assortment of tracks and power-ups throughout the game. The game contains more than 50 soapbox karts and the upgradation is possible by collecting bird coins. Thus, Angry Birds Go is the 14th successful entry in the birds-cum-pigs series and players can take full control of carts from both the sides.

Download Angry Bird Go By Using BlueStacks on your PC:


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To download Angry Birds Go, you will require internet connectivity and Bluestacks. You simply have to download Bluestacks app player and start the installation process. After the installation, you will find a search option, wherein you have to write ‘Angry Birds Go’ on it and hit enter. Then you have click on the pop-up link to download the game and wait till the entire installation process ends. It generally takes very less time to download Bluestacks and after that, in just few seconds, you can enjoy each and every feature of the game, needless to mention, on your Mac!

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