Dead ahead android is an interesting arcade action

Dead ahead android is an interesting arcade game where you will be away from the crowds of zombies.

Action in the application occurs in a fantasy world. Yesterday this place was very similar to our Earth. Unfortunately, happened gigantic catastrophe, which resulted in nearly all inhabitants of the planet turned into zombies.

Dead ahead android


It so happened that were able to survive only two people: Masha and Dasha. This two fragile girl, who are not ready to part with my life. In this regard, they got on the motorcycle, took machines and decided to go where your eyes look.

Unfortunately, everywhere zombies, and abandoned cars and other debris. Therefore, the need to drive around the machine and to kill and to dowith zombies.

Dead ahead android


The gameplay of the arcade dead ahead android looks like a runner. You will go on a motorcycle, crush zombies. Once you feel that the game has become too much, you’ll take a gun and start shooting at the enemies.

Sometimes, during the drive, you can relax in a garage. It is also possible for the earned money to buy a more powerful motorcycle, which will allow you a great time to escape from zombie.

Dead ahead android

The outcome of the game you earn a certain amount of points. They get into the online high scores table.

In conclusion, a few words about the schedule. This pixelart. Moreover, he made quite efficiently.

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