Dark Slash – One shot – one death.

If you are looking for interesting, exciting, hardcore time-killer, then the game for Android called Dark Slash ideal candidates for the installation on your smartphone or tablet. The game has beautiful pixel graphics, easy to learn gameplay, but requiring a very great effort to reach the level of master and convenient control that you just love this game.

The gameplay and management:

The gameplay is that you need to destroy the enemies that appears in the arena and not let them destroy you. You only have one life, just as in real life and if you die, you can help you only can rescue the stone, which the game is not very much. With each new game, you will be constantly improved and to develop tactics in this game there is no escape.

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The enemies have 3 States: moving, preparing to impact and shock. It is desirable to attack when the enemy is in the first two States, but even during the attack, you will be able to kill the enemy, if you have time for him to reach. When the enemy to prepare for the attack, over his head, you see a yellow stripe.

Download Dark Slash free

Types of enemies in the game very much, of course, present and the bosses, which destroy would be long and boring, in good sense of this word. No super skills the main character is not, therefore, all hope is on its own experience and skills. Game control is implemented using a simple touches of the screen. To hit, you need to click on any point on the screen, and to move, you need to keep your finger on the screen and move in the right direction. The main hero beats jerk with a blow of the sword, and the pull is not very long, so, do not forget that in mind when will attack the enemies.

Graphics and soundtrack:

The graphical style is perfect this game and perfectly describes the atmosphere of the events on the screen. Optimization, of course, at a high level, there are no problems. Also very pleased with the sound and the soundtrack, which complement the game, and are not simply something separate. To summarize: Dark Slash is beautiful, cool and hardcore time-killer, which you 100% like it, because the complexity of the game justified fun gameplay and simple controls. The game is free, so don’t forget to thank the developers for its assessment on Google Play. Enjoy the game!

Download Dark Slash free

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