City Island 2 – Story Building for android

The best urban strategy on Android got the second part! The game, created in the best traditions of the old town-planning strategies (like «SimCity»), received the name of the City Island 2 – Story Building. Here you also will be engaged in the construction of the city on any given island rich in resources and sunlight. New version of the game has become much better, and its economic part was expanded so that the game by its capabilities approached her grandparent – series SimCity from EA».

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Create a Paradise on an isolated island. But all great undertakings was always small. Here and in the game City Island 2 you will start with a small settlement. Try as quickly as possible to get all sources of income. What they will be, depends on you. Maybe you turn your island Paradise and tourist Mecca? And, maybe, we should start to develop the business and to become the business capital of the world? Decide for yourself, because the most important thing in the game City Island 2 is the happiness of your people.

Download City Island 2

Citizens in City Island 2 – people are very capricious and at them constantly in need of care. Simple and comfortable, like shops and good homes for them. They need parks, space for relaxation, beautiful and clean streets. Take care of your citizens, and they will reward you by hard work! Game City Island 2 got great graphics, which is especially looks cool on tablets.

Download City Island 2 – Story Building