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Download Battle Of The Saints I free

Interesting mix Dungeon Crawler and MOBA games. 3 character classes, 3D graphics, hordes of mobs and, of course, bosses, and the sea of loot and experience. The game is very similar to most online games, but has in addition to the usual battles, “a walk through the caves” (a La Dungeon Hunter) and thereby distinguishing […]

Fruit Ninja vs Skittles

Legendary grinder for fruits returns… In fact, this version is just a PR move for famous companies producing Skittles candies. But developers are not just copied the gameplay of the original, and brought a couple of interesting innovations. The main new feature of the game, as noted by the developers is the rainbow, filling you, […]

Earn to Die – ride on cars and push zombie

The yard is zombie Apocalypse, and in addition you have not so many people alive. If you want to stay and see what all this madness will end, then join the players who already earn points by playing Earn to Die on your Android gadgets. Watering different zombie on a specially equipped and armed wheelbarrow, […]

Smash Hit ” beautiful game in a world of glass

Meet excellent game from the series of physical arcade – Smash Hit. The game was good, and draws from the first minutes of gameplay. This is not surprising, because the Mediocre developer who created this application, is already marked in Play Store other great games: Sprinkle, Granny Smith, Sprinkle Junior and Sprinkle Islands. The meaning […]