Boom Tanks – Cool, tank shooting…

Developers from Codemasters not often active in Android development, but just recently showed up a very interesting game and it was not in the genre of “Race”, in which the developers are oriented most of all. The developers have made the TIR about tanks (very popular now the subject), and the game was named BOOM! Tanks. As believes cool Tira, the game will surprise you with beautiful graphics, very good animation, great special effects and excellent optimization.

The game also has some kind of story line: you are invited as an experienced commander to work on some Agency that helps some powers in solving problems against the aggressors, who are trying to destroy the country.

The gameplay and management:

The whole game is tied only to tank battles and you don’t even give possible to independently manage the large object. Only you will have access to 4 types of missions: “protection of the borders, where you have to protect the borders of the Corporation Agency; “Search and destroy” is an endless task, which will increase as you go; “day Job” – you are given a powerful tank on one fight where you have to test it, destroying other tank; “Campaign” – a battle against bosses who have the coolest and pumped tanks, so without much throughput climb to them I would strongly recommend. Tanks are also classified by type “Rapid-fire”, “Balanced” and others. So, for example, “Quick-firing tank can equally quick to shoot as usual shells and charged, but it is not particularly good protection, so you need to take this into account.

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Choose your battle tactics you have from the very beginning of the game, because, then buy the new tank will be very expensive pastime. After the mission you will earn money for the destruction of the tank and bonuses. When reaching a new level, you are given a gold star, you will be able to spend on improvements. Management, as expected Tira, very simple. First, you need to point at the enemy, and it needs constantly to keep it in sight of a special circle. Then begins a fun game at the reaction: the projectile is loaded and starts running a small strip on the indicator. Your task – to have time to press when the strip in the center since that time the damage will be maximum.

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Graphics and soundtrack:

Over the graphics and animation tanks developers from Codemasters has worked on glory, I have no questions. Optimization sometimes “lame” on my Nexus 7 2012, but in General, the game starts and works without problems. The soundtrack sounds worthy of attention, very well developed and are part of the atmosphere, which is very good. To summarize: if you have been looking for in order to shoot, then BOOM! Tanks – a great choice! Great graphics, fun gameplay, and simplified management – all available for free, but do not forget about the presence of donation. Enjoy the game!

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