Bluestacks for Mac – Offline Installer!

With the popularity of Android based applications increasing everyday, inventors and software developers are constantly on the brainstorming mode to get the phone experience on the computer screens. The convenience and the wide range of flexibility of Android platforms make it a people’s favourite!

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With the variety of innovations on offer, the clamour for Android based applications has also seen a massive upswing. To keep up with the demands of the customers at large, most of the developers had been giving a thought of getting the Android applications/ games on the personal computers, since quite a big deal of time. With constant thought process and ideas, finally there is a way to install Android games as well as apps on your PC without any hassles.

Joining Of Two Powerhouses!

Any digital world enthusiast will agree that Android and Apple are two such companies that would never join hands. However, at a Google conference, the developers unveiled Bluestacks. This Android emulator brings all the Android applications on the Mac computers; yes, the same applications and games that people have been using on their smartphones are now easily available on their big screens!

Behold Bluestacks

BlueStacks in an emulator for the Android platforms. It basically acts as an interface between the Windows OS and android apps. It can be said that it sets up a typical Android OS kind of environment on the Windows and/or on the Mac systems.

Bluestacks is designed in such a manner that its interface allows Android games and softwares, the much needed interface to run smoothly despite changing over on a different device.

Bluestacks for now is present only in the beta version. So, even if you are a Mac user and want to enjoy all or at least most of the Android games on your Mac systems, you will have to download the Bluestacks android emulator. The emulator is very simple to access and use. It is not different from any regular application. The only major difference is that the ‘Android Apps’ icon appears as a folder and not as a file. On clicking the folder you are presented with a list of applications and games on which you can simply click and install on your Mac system. There is a search bar as well that allows you to search for a particular application, in case you are unable to find it in the folder.

Limitations- Just A Matter Of Time!

There is just one limitation for Mac users while making use of Bluestacks. There are only limited applications available to be installed for now. The difference is visible when you compare the number of applications available on the Windows platform as opposed to a Mac system. The interface is very similar to the one on the Windows system. The app player is just an extension of resolutions to fit on the larger screen and hence giving a little stretched look.

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Final Conclusion:

The Bluestacks is a very feasible addition to the Mac line of computers. It allows users to enjoy the Android games and applications which previously wasn’t that easily available. With the continuous testing of applications, the list of applications being available on Bluestacks for Mac is surely going to rise and also since the application is free, users will love it.

So, if you want to take Android experience on your Mac, download it right now by hitting download button below!

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