Adobe Lightroom Mobile for PC

The lightroom mobile app is a wonderful creative app that comes as a blessing for the avid mobile photographer. This app allows you many advantages including editing, organizing and synching photograph on the go with your phone and PC.

This app allows its user to automatically sync pictures from their mobile phones onto their PC. The app offers its users a number of great editing features that allows its user to edit and enhance their pictures and photographs. You can change a number of features such as contrast, colours,  Clarity, Vibrancy, Saturation etc. the app also allows you to share your photograph at a click of the button.


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Potential benefits of getting Adobe Lightroom Mobile App for your PC?

Adobe Lightroom mobile is a great application that offers its users a number of benefits that can transform the way you edit, organize as well as share your images.  Some of the potential benefits of the Adobe Lightroom Mobile is that it automatic syncs all images that you save or edit automatically onto your pc and mobile thus ensuring that your images are secure as well as travel with you where ever you go. The platform offers tools that allow you to format an image in virtually any format and also offers the option of around 40 One-click presets that allows you to have a lots of variation and allows you to edit any photograph that you may have taken. You will also have access to a large number of online galleries as well as the wonderful opportunity to import images that you are taking from you mobile phone.

Thus the bonus of this the app is that you can edit, organize and take photographs and sync them onto your computer automatically and in an organized fashion.

What are the potential limitations of this App?

Although, the app has many wonderful features it also has some downsides to it. First being that it does not allow its user to free crop a picture. The absence of the free-form cropping tool could be a great disadvantage for any users. The app has been designed for mobile phones and doesn’t offer much to the tab user, although the developers are planning to upgrade it for the tab users. The app is designed to run on an Android device running Android 4.1 or higher thus it won’t work on an outdated mobile phone. There are some glitches too with the android version of the app which are not seen with the iOS version that was developed earlier. The Adobe DNG file format that is designed to work with the Android 5.0 Lollipop camera is also not compatible with the Adobe Lightroom Mobile. The app also fails to offer its users any kind of video support as well as video editing options.


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How to Run on PC?

Officially, Adobe Lightroom Mobile for PC is not available. To have this application on your PC, follow simple steps below:

  • Download Bluestack, and install the same.
  • Open it and search for ‘Adobe Lightroom Mobile’.
  • Click on the official link of app and wait till it download and installs itself.
  • You can now open the app from all apps in Bluestacks.
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